Random Fact: “Phoning it in”

Ever heard this expression before? A discussion ensued this morning regarding this phrase as the women of the office were discussing fitness guru Jillian Michaels. In her video tapes she warns participants not to “phone it in.” We took it upon ourselves to define this phrase, and by that I mean we checked Google. Here […]

F-U-N with J-E-L-L-O

What in the world does Jello sound like? To tackle the sound design for a spot featuring the wiggly dessert, it was up to engineer Dave Kaduk and his assistant Dominic Morris to find out what Jello would say if it could talk. They spent time with it, listened, shared their innermost feelings… and nothing. […]

You break it, YOU BUY IT.

You can’t stop the rock here at Particle Audio. Well, until you break the drumsticks. Then you kinda have to stop. Band Aids are not yet designed for this type of repair work. The apology note was very thoughtful though… THIS IS HOW MUCH FUN WE HAVE!

Winning isn’t everything.

But it will get you an ipod on occasion! Once again, congratulations to Todd Durston for winning this years March Madness Bracket! A game dependent on skill, agility, great strength and street smarts, this year was a highly competitive bracket. Thank you all for playing, try again next year!

Winner takes the (cup)cakes!

After a month of nail biters, upsets, and close calls, March Madness has come to an end. I’m not sure who won the actual basketball games, but I do know who won the Particle Client Brackets! In first place…. Todd Durston of Draft FCB! He will receive a Ipod Nano in the color of his […]